5 Things To Do IMMEDIATELY After Installing Ubuntu Linux

When installing Ubuntu, really any version, you need to have some things in mind. Security, power management, preferred applications, intended use, and appearance. These things make your experience good or bad. Knowing how to install what you need for work could make or break your future use of Ubuntu. So, why not accomplish all your […]

Tearing down Manjaro Linux in (2023)


Curious of using Arch but you’re not knowledable enough? Try out Manjaro! Lets take a deep dive at how Manjaro works and what it has to offer!

Xero Linux, KDE done right on Arch Linux


So, you like Arch Linux and you love KDE. Do you just make it all happen yourself? Or would you take Xero Linux for a spin? This distribution is very new, created by a newer Linux user no less. So, it has completely fresh eyes behind it all. Naturally, in the way of open-source with […]

EASILY Automate Maintenance In Arch Linux With The Power Of SystemD Timers


The great thing about Arch Linux is that you may customize everything, making your system as heavy or lightweight as you wish. This can also be a pain point for maintenance. Some things require more attention than others. So SystemD timers are a great choice to execute the scripts we will end up writing to […]

3 Ways To Greatly Improve Arch Linux Security In (2022)


The fact about security is you have to have a threat model. If not, you will be protecting wildly against mostly paranoia. So, it is good to think of what you want to protect against. We will be covering a few ways to protect your system, as Arch Linux is so minimal, it comes with […]

EASILY View Disk Usage in Linux with DUF


How do you check disk usage in Linux? I’m sure that is a question many of us have wondered especially when first learning Linux. There are many tools out there that can help us view this information about our system. In my opinion, a lot of them just look ugly, simple to understand but still […]

How To Fix Common Mistakes After Installing Arch Linux Using Arch-Chroot


If you have ever installed Arch before, then you may have forgotten to install something the first time through. Rendering your fresh installation useless in a non-boot-able state or perhaps in a less than functional state. We will show you how to get back into your installation right at the arch-chroot stage of the installation […]

How To Port Forward with SSH in Linux


So, you want to make a private service that only you can access. Port forwarding can be an excellent way to do this. With the built-in function of SSH and the power of the terminal, we will have you capable of routing your private service as needed. This could be a private calendar, a search […]

Using Budgie to give Arch a Windows 11 styled facelift!


I’ll admit that I like the way that Windows 11 looks, so sue me! For the last couple of years now I’ve used i3 and its really a great window manager, but I’m kinda over the hot key centric nature of it and I’m just looking for something like—well, Windows! I’ve been using Windows for […]