This is how you build a NodeJS App in Docker


Docker rocks! With this virtualization technology you can run practically anything (with enough tinkering) without having to muddy up your machine with a bunch of dependencies, or any of the other crap that comes with running apps directly on a server. Think of it as a protective bubble around your app! Containers run in their […]

How To Write Bash Scripts To Master Linux


If you’ve spent any amount of time running a Linux server then you’ll know what a time sink it can be. Especially in a development environment, where debugging stuff will often have you running the same tasks over and over again, which If you ask me, it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself […]

Proxmox VE: An Open Source Solution for Virtualization


Virtualization on servers can be a hard concept to get into. You sometimes need to feel around in the dark so to speak. Today we will be bring you Proxmox VE (virtual environment) . Proxmox VE, written in Perl with an initial release going back to 2008, ships as a Debian distribution. This makes it […]

Unlock Firefox’s Full Potential with JavaScript


We showed you how to break the styling monopoly on Firefox with CSS. Now we go a step further. Basically, remaking your browser into what you want to the core. We will cover how JavaScript plays a role in how the security on your browser is set up. JavaScript also dictates the overall behavior of […]

How to install Python modules in Linux


Python, everyone’s best friend. This is because if you are reading this on your Linux distribution, you are likely using Python in some way right now under the surface. This is because many distributions depend on the dependability and robust nature of Python. One of those features is module installation. Being able to install a […]

Maximize Your Productivity with Vim Plugins and .vimrc


Vim, the text editor of choice for so many. Why might you ask? Why would someone use technology that is nearly 30 years old? The reason is it does its job with no distraction. Vim is lightweight and runs on servers and workstations alike. You can use plugins to customize Vim to suit you. Be […]