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Linux Support

The world of Linux in business can be a bit lonely… No one wants to support you because “we don’t know Linux”. You won’t get that here… 

From troubleshooting services, migration, upgrades and security.

You receive support that no one will give you!

Supported Linux Flavors




red hat enterprise linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux



Don't see your system? Reach out and find out if your flavor is supported!

Get Support With And Without Contract!

A lot of companies try really hard to lock you into a 1 year contract… But what if you don’t even need support for that long?

Receive on-demand support and get billed for only time spent on your issue!

Support and Solutions

Existing or New solution.

Don’t give up and submit to the Windows world just yet, there is still hope!

You can get support for a wide range of Linux issues or even consider the move to Linux!


Troubleshoot and Setup Virtual Linux environments.

Web and App Hosting

Did your Linux powered website or application stop working?

Security and Auditing

Audit and Harden your Linux systems to avoid petty attacks.


From VPNs, Firewalls or even losing internet access.


Need to migrate data or assistance with a new setup?

New Solutions

Linux is more powerful than you think... Get recommendations for Linux powered environments!

Get Help Now!

Tell us what you need help with and we will reach out to you as soon as possible so we can talk about it.

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