Top 7 Linux Text Editors to Try Out In (2023)


Let’s face it, all of us need a quick loading and easy to use text editor. Sure we like using LibreOffice or OpenOffice for formal documents (resumes, novels, tech manuals…), but sometimes there is a need for a quick fix to a website or a log file that you need to peruse. Nothing beats a fast loading easy to use text editor for this type of work. So locating text (and replacing it), navigation and saving files easily is important. To keep things simple, I won’t be looking at command line editors like VIM. I know some of the more powerful users love these tools, but quite honestly I find them irksome to use.

Best Linux Image Editors to Unleash your Creativity With


The term Photoshop has now become a type of genericization (a brand name that is applied to all similar products…like Kleenex for Tissues or Scotch Tape for any adhesive tape). We call bad photo editing “Photoshop Fails,” regardless of the tool actually used. When you person takes a photo on their phone and some aspect […]