5 Best Linux IDE’s Now that Atom IDE Is Forever Gone


Ah, shoot… So if you’re here then you likely know that Atom has announced that they have put a “sunset” on the Atom IDE project. It will get archived on December 15, 2022. So if you’re a long time user and supporter of Atom, you’re now asking yourself – What Linux IDE should I use […]

Top 7 Linux Text Editors to Try Out In (2023)


Let’s face it, all of us need a quick loading and easy to use text editor. Sure we like using LibreOffice or OpenOffice for formal documents (resumes, novels, tech manuals…), but sometimes there is a need for a quick fix to a website or a log file that you need to peruse. Nothing beats a fast loading easy to use text editor for this type of work. So locating text (and replacing it), navigation and saving files easily is important. To keep things simple, I won’t be looking at command line editors like VIM. I know some of the more powerful users love these tools, but quite honestly I find them irksome to use.