Using Azuri to play Music from Azuracast in Discord!


As I mentioned in the last article, Azuri is a discord bot that allows Azuracast’ to be able to play our station inside of a discord server. The Azuri GitHub can be found here. As a forewarning, this is a community maintained project and only has the README for documentation which is very vague. To […]

Host your own personal Internet Radio Station with AzuraCast


Ever since YouTube put the axe to my favorite music-playing discord bot RhythmBot in 2021. I’ve been going without which sucks and makes me a sad camper. With some research and experimentation, I found a fun solution that uses a radio management suite called Azuracast + a discord bot called Azuri. Here’s the rundown on […]

5 Best Linux IDE’s Now that Atom Is Forever Gone


Ah, shoot… So if you’re here then you probably know that Atom has announced that they have put a “sunset” on the Atom project and will be archived December 15, 2022. So if you’re a long time user and supporter of Atom, you’re probably now asking yourself – What Linux IDE should I use now? […]

Beautify your Home Music System with Volumio


As an avid listener of music and burgeoning self-host geek these days I drift between YouTube & Spotify for my music fix and speaking frankly these are not the best places to be for longevity. As we are all too familiar with YouTube taking down videos like nobody’s business and not even Spotify is safe […]

Surf the Web in your Linux Terminal with Browsh


Do you live in the terminal? Are your dreams filed with pixels so retro that Minecraft had to come up with them? Then you are in the right place today. Browsh, is a lesser known, terminal friendly browser that will bring you the web in a more detailed fashion than something Like Lynx or w3m. […]

How to install Python modules in Linux


Python, everyone’s best friend. This is because if you are reading this on your Linux distribution, you are likely using Python in some way right now under the surface. This is because many distributions depend on the dependability and robust nature of Python. One of those features is module installation. Being able to install a […]

3 Internet Video Downloaders to BOOST your Media Collection!


You know that feeling of making a kick ass YouTube playlist, forgetting about it, then revisiting it a week or perhaps even months later and you find that your playlist has been gutted by deleted or privat-ed entries? The worst part about it is that that YouTube never tells you what got deleted, just “poof”, […]

Accessing your entire network remotely with Shellngn


SSH is one of the best ways to securely access a remote server, typically through a terminal. This is cool and all but what if you aren’t at your workstation? shellngn is a multi protocol (ssh/rdp/vnc/sftp) client, that comes in two flavors (PRO and Cloud), both of which require a subscription to use. shellngn is […]

Manage Monit Instances Remotely with SSH Port Forwarding


We brought you Monit, where we showed you how to install Monit on a Debian server. If you missed it then check it out so to help you get up to speed. We configured email alerts and a few services. Did you know you could actually see a panel right in your browser from your […]