5 Best Linux PDF Editors To Try In (2023)


Much like many things in the technology industry, PDF were developed by a proprietary company. Adobe Systems is the company that has many locked down IP (Intellectual Property). Adobe first release PDF back in June 1993. So as a result, the tools to work with PDF are fewer than one might like. We will cover […]

4 MUST Have Hex Editors For Ubuntu Linux


Ever try to open a binary file in a text editor and see a word/punctuation salad? Since the binary is already compiled, traditional text editors are not made for that. You can add extensions to VSCode to view these files, but let’s see what hex editors you can install straight from your terminal on Ubuntu […]

6 Best Browsers For Linux To Use In 2023


Linux users have many web browsers to choose from, like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and others. Each has its own pros and cons, which users should consider when selecting the best browsers for Linux.

Top 5 Best Bootable USB Creators For Linux


So you have a flourishing need to get wrist deep into, “what is the Linux distribution?” In order to access this world, you will want to install a Linux distribution. While understanding the machine you want to install this distribution on, which most likely came with Windows pre-installed. This means this machine will have different […]

Using Azuri to play Music from Azuracast in Discord!


As I mentioned in the last article, Azuri is a discord bot that allows Azuracast’ to be able to play our station inside of a discord server. The Azuri GitHub can be found here. As a forewarning, this is a community maintained project and only has the README for documentation which is very vague. To […]

Surf the Web in your Linux Terminal with Browsh


Do you live in the terminal? Are your dreams filed with pixels so retro that Minecraft had to come up with them? Then you are in the right place today. Browsh, is a lesser known, terminal friendly browser that will bring you the web in a more detailed fashion than something Like Lynx or w3m. […]