Tearing down Manjaro Linux in (2023)


Curious of using Arch but you’re not knowledgeable enough? Try out Manjaro! Lets take a deep dive at how Manjaro works and what it has to offer!

Keeping Arch Linux Shiny with Automatic Updates using SystemD


So, you think you got a good handle on packages managers? Today we are going to learn about Pacman. One of the more powerful yet safe package managers that we use often. What if we told you that you could manage your packages without touching a command line? What if we could set different levels […]

The Pacman Cheatsheet That Will Make Your Life Better


Here’s one for the ArchArch-based gang! Today I’ll be covering basic pacman commands that you need to know in order to really use pacman to its fullest potential. I’ll also be covering some more exotic/situational commands that are just helpful to know up to the plain ol’ dangerous to your system ones. Now let’s delve […]

5 Things to do IMMEDIATELY After Installing Arch Linux


Today we are going to start out with a base installation of Arch Linux. This can be done in 20 minutes on a good connection when nothing goes wrong. So, we will be starting with nothing more than a console to log into and enough packages to build whatever we need. Arch was built from […]

5 Things to do IMMEDIATELY After Installing Manjaro


So, you installed Manjaro and you have never used it before, then this is the right place for you. We are going to go over 5 things to do once you have installed Manjaro. Manjaro is daily driver focused linux distribution with a ton of applications right out of the box. It is also available […]