Customizing Firefox with CSS


Firefox, the most commonly bundled browser for Linux today. Lets go over making your Firefox look stylish with CSS!

The Most Interesting Terminal Based Linux Tools Ever


As technophiles, we just like interesting things. People who create unusual (useful or otherwise) tools are always appreciated. Not every tool requires a cool GUI, although a great interface is always appreciated. In this article we are looking at easy to access commands that you can install or that come built in with most Linux distributions. This is a random list, but you may find some gems. Remember, one person’s garbage is another person’s gold.

How To Use The DNF Package Manager


Did you know that RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is replacing YUM completely? Grab an iced Chai latte and get cozy, we will get started.

Top 5 Best E-Mail Clients For Your Linux Machine


E-mail is always a fun topic to write about, and it never fails to provoke a fun debate. There are even arguments regarding how it is spelled (e-mail vs. email). That being said, no one is going to be dismissive of e-mail’s importance in our digital lives, so it is not surprising that choosing which e-mail client to use sparks some passionate discussion.