Working With Linux SWAP Space The Easy Way

Working With Linux SWAP Space The Easy Way

Linux swap space is a designated area of a hard disk used by the operating system to temporarily store data that is not being used in RAM, freeing up memory for other processes.

4 Handy Virt-Manager Visualization Tips & Tricks


Virt-Manager, the gift that just keeps giving. You may get stuck on an installation or perhaps would like to work with your VM (virtual machine) differently. We are here to help you keep you from needlessly reinstalling an uncooperative VM. We will help you learn to change all the variable that control your VM. Furthermore, […]

Proxmox VE: An Open Source Solution for Virtualization


Virtualization on servers can be a hard concept to get into. You sometimes need to feel around in the dark so to speak. Today we will be bring you Proxmox VE (virtual environment) . Proxmox VE, written in Perl with an initial release going back to 2008, ships as a Debian distribution. This makes it […]

Hosting Multiple Websites and Domains in Apache


Apache is part of the classic LAMP stack and aims to be an efficient and extensible HTTP server. Apache was launched in 1995 and has been going strong to this day. If you are serving up a PHP project, static website, web app, or pretty much anything, Apache should be your go to web server. […]

Host your own blog with WordPress in Ubuntu


It’s 2022 and you don’t have a blog yet? It’s time to get to it! WordPress is an easy and great blogging ecosystem to jump into as you can have something that looks pretty decent up and running quickly. WordPress is very extensible and has pretty much a plugin for everything. It doesn’t power 40% […]

Accessing your entire network remotely with Shellngn


SSH is one of the best ways to securely access a remote server, typically through a terminal. This is cool and all but what if you aren’t at your workstation? shellngn is a multi protocol (ssh/rdp/vnc/sftp) client, that comes in two flavors (PRO and Cloud), both of which require a subscription to use. shellngn is […]

Manage Monit Instances Remotely with SSH Port Forwarding


We brought you Monit, where we showed you how to install Monit on a Debian server. If you missed it then check it out so to help you get up to speed. We configured email alerts and a few services. Did you know you could actually see a panel right in your browser from your […]

4 Best Linux Server Management Tools to be a lazy SysAdmin


Server administration can quickly turn into a chore if you neglect checking on security, backing up, running updates, scanning logs, etc – it can quickly become a hassle. CLIs are cool and everything but developing a 1000 yard stare deep into a terminal emulator isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun Saturday night. So if you […]

Staying up to date with your Hard Drive with SmartMon Tools


If you run any kind of data server at home, like a NAS, or homelab, keeping an eye on your hard drive health is imperative. smartmontools can provide an indicator of health using the disks’ SMART values. What is SMART? SMART stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, most modern hard drives, SSD, and eMMC […]