Fixing Installation Mistakes in Arch Linux with Arch-Chroot


If you have ever installed Arch before, (especially if you are new) then you know how complex it can be. No doubt if you are here then you may have forgotten to install something the first time through. Rendering your fresh installation useless in a non-boot-able state. If you are lucky then its in a […]

Learn SSH Port Forwarding In 3 Easy Steps


SSH Port Forwarding is a useful technique for securely connecting to remote servers and accessing their services as if they were local, which is discussed in a comprehensive article highlighting its benefits and the steps involved in setting it up.

Using Budgie to give Arch a Windows 11 styled facelift!


I’ll admit that I like the way that Windows 11 looks, so sue me! For the last couple of years now I’ve used i3 and its really a great window manager, but I’m kinda over the hot key centric nature of it and I’m just looking for something like—well, Windows! I’ve been using Windows for […]

Keeping Arch Linux Shiny with Automatic Updates using SystemD


So, you think you got a good handle on packages managers? Today we are going to learn about Pacman. One of the more powerful yet safe package managers that we use often. What if we told you that you could manage your packages without touching a command line? What if we could set different levels […]

Enriching your Linux Terminal Experience with TMUX


tmux is a C-based, open source terminal multiplexer. What that means is that tmux allows you to open multiple terminals instances in one session, instead of having multiple terminal tabs open and switching between them. tmux can also detach a session so that it runs in the background then re-attach to it at a later […]

How To Use The SCREEN Command In Linux in (2023)


Today we will be going over Screen. This is not the screen you are reading this on. No, it’s a remarkable terminal application that allows you to detach any session from its process to be later resumed. This is so that you may be more productive, running perhaps 10 jobs at once, rather than just […]

Surf the Web in your Linux Terminal with Browsh


Do you live in the terminal? Are your dreams filed with pixels so retro that Minecraft had to come up with them? Then you are in the right place today. Browsh, is a lesser known, terminal friendly browser that will bring you the web in a more detailed fashion than something Like Lynx or w3m. […]

Fedora 36, a look at what’s new


Today we are going to look at Fedora 36 to see what has changed, what is still the same, and perhaps some features we would like in the future. Running a rolling release, you expect the latest features from the systems that are included. In the case of the “just works” distributions, Fedora 36 is […]